Summer Whitehead

Summer offers a wonderful opportunity to catch up on reading and be inspired by what our contemporaries and the people who came before us have reflected on. If you are unsure what you will bring with you on your trip. Have a look under our inspirational reading section. You will find 5 sub-sections where books on art, film, art and science, philosophy are introduced. There is also a section for fiction.

If you want a challenge, maybe you want to read Whitehead's magnum opus, Process and Reality. It is one of the most important philosophical books written in the 20th century. Still we cannot ignore the fact - it is anything but easy read. Whitehead introduces new words for virtually every basic concept of metaphysics. This is both the philosophical genius of his approach and that which makes it demanding to penetrate.

Vanja Sandell Billström in the Media

We are very happy that Norrköping Air 2014 resident, Vanja Sandell Billström gets a lot of attention for her project in the media. Read more about her project and find her interviews on the Norrköping Air Blog (mostly in Swedish). We trust that the media will show due interest to our foreign guests soon!

Thank you and good luck, Speech and What Archive

One of Vision Forum’s original nodes, Speech and What Archive (SWA) is parting from us. After almost 5 years of mutual exchanges, discussions and other joyful meetings the group is leaving our network. We are eternally grateful for everything that we have learned together and that SWA has contributed. We remember many joyful moments to from the early experiments on the CNEAI boat to the latest performance at Arbis in Norrköping.

The group has worked around notions about what we can and cannot say, and by doing this questions the group as a collective decision-making body. An example is the Speech and What Archive Paper Room which is the paper trace and trail from various organized workshops worldwide and has become the support for conversations and micro events. It is not only a work but a material space for research defined without apparent hierarchies.It becomes the structure for new interventions and is constituted as a living archive which interacts with additional elements as the work progresses. The space is thus re-played or replaced as new materials are added to those already there. At the heart of it, we question modes of the appearance and dissemination of knowledge and transmission, the original, the re-make and re-see and re-interpret.

Norrköping Air Wins Exhibition Grant

We are happy to announce that  Norrköping Air has received a grant from Statens Kulturråd for the exhibitions of this years residents Quynh Vantu, Vijai Patchineelam and Vanja Sandell Billström.

Keep you eyes on the NA blog for more news. The exhibitions will open September 25, 26 or 27 in conjunction with the Vision Forum autumn meeting and Norrköpings kulturnatt.

OuUnPonian Elena Nemkova at Manifesta in Saint Petersburg

OuUnPonian Elena Nemkova participates in BLKNZM SAINT PETERSBURG, a parallel events Program of MANIFESTA 10, Saint Petersburg, 2014. It is a (virtual) exhibition about – but not on – balconies. The threshold between public and private, earth and sky, reality and imagination. The term BLKNZM(from balconism) rings a bell but you are not sure exactly why. Was it an obscure political or artistic movement from the past? Or is it a new Internet meme?
BLKNZM is a virtual exhibition Downlodable here, a potential tour around the city of Saint Petersburg. It occupies no public or private physical space. Visitors can look for the balconies and read/listen to the illustrated stories these locations have inspired. Of course people anywhere in the world can also see/hear/read the works prepared by the artist-authors. These are just a few of the possible intriguing tales hidden behind the balconies and windows of this amazing city.

Other works by Francesco Bonami, Jota Castro, Gabriele Di Matteo (& IL TOPO), Nathalie Du Pasquier, Barnaba Fornasetti & Valeria Manzi, Jay C Lohmann, Adrian Paci, Steve Piccolo, Christoph Radl, George Sowden and Bert Theis.


“If Genius, and therefore Learning, consists in connecting remote Notions & finding Similitude in things dissimilar, then Metaphor, the most acute and farfetched among Tropes, is the only one capable of producing Wonder, which gives birth to Pleasure.”

Umberto Eco

Vision Forum Node Introduces "Map-It" Tool

Vision Forum Node Performing Objects were introduced to the Map-It tool during a lecture/talk by Hilde Bouchier about Making Things Public amongst others. Mapping of future project with Map-It. “MAP-it is a hands-on tool used to plan, analyse and reconstruct past and future projects and spaces. It is a method to visualise a process in space and time, in a low-tech, open and flexible manner. It can be used in various situations, such as brainstormings, debriefings, interviews...”

The tool has been key to get the project off the ground and allowing the group to express their visions about the project and their individual practices and also getting over the "just be polite to one another attitude" that haunt many collective projects. You can read more about their experiences here.