The Fugue - OuUnPo Research Session XIV STOCKHOLM | 4-8 FEBRUARY 2015

The European artistic network OuUnPo invites you to the Fugue, an experimental festival in collaboration with Swedish artists, researchers and institutions. Each day OuUnPo carries out actions, talks, screenings, workshops and performances in different venues and locations across the city of Stockholm.

The session takes its starting point in the fugue state, a rare psychiatric disorder that is characterized by complete but reversible amnesia. The patient loses all traces of personal memory and identity and condition can last hours or days. People suffering from dissociative fugue often undertakes unplanned travel or wandering during which the patient might establish a temporary new identity.


Artists Adrift
 18:00 -20:00

Bonniers Konsthall, Torsgatan 19

An evening with artist talks, performance and sound art.

Part of the public opening of CityWalks


Vision Forum is proud to announce Fabien Guillermont solo project at KSM Lab in Norrköping. He will present his project The New Idol, a film project that takes its form from Nietzsche's Thus Spoke Zarathustra. Private view on February 12. More info about the artist here.

Les Vraoums new website

The best girl band on the planet is without a doubt the wonderful Les Vraoums! Don't miss out on their brand-spanking new website. They also play live on February 4, 2015.

New Vision Forum Node on Education: Tomorrow’s Art Audience

Tomorrow’s Art Audience is for our younger audience and support for the future of art. The goal of this project is to improve conditions both for educators as well as children and young people to facilitate learning and enjoyment with contemporary art. We know that there are great human resources available, but how do we liberate these when there are no tools and networks to develop this potential? Tomorrow’s Art Audience develops and supports:
- Collection of existing ideas and methods for working with contemporary art.
- Innovation: to create and disseminate new methods for working with contemporary art.
- Networking: creating links between existing creative islands.
- Internationalization: linking knowledge and experience from across Europe.

New Vision Forum Node

Vision Forum is proud to announce the birth of a new node entitled 1+1=3. (We are sad to say that our math teacher is still on strike.) The project has developed through our ongoing research into dialogues between art, music and neuroscience and is a collaboration with our sister organisation Curatorial Mutiny. The project is supported by Swedish Arts Council and includes members from OuUnPo and other Vision Forum projects. The project has a temporary website and you can also look at the other projects we are currently running.

Metaphor from Encyclopedia Acephalica

"A man is a moving tree, just as much as a tree is a man who has put down roots. In the same way, the sky is a rarefied earth, the earth a denser sky. And if I see a dog running, it is just as much the run that is dogging. Even this article is metaphorical."

Welcome to 2015 and the year of the goat.

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

Vision Forum wants to thank everyone who has contributed to making 2014 and the year of the horse so creative and enjoyable! Have a look at some of the 70 entries to our blog or a selection of photos from this year's events and it will give an idea about the richness and variety that we have lived and all the pleasures we have experienced together.

We look forward to discovering 2015 and the year of the goat in your company and to find new friends and colleagues. The year is bringing lots of exciting changes for Vision Forum and you will of course be able to read all about it here!

Thank You and we look forward to sharing the new year with you!!!!