Norrköping Air is Moving Forward

We are very happy to announce that our residency Norrköping Air has been rewarded a grant from Nordic Culture Point which means that we can invite artists for the residency in 2015. Since we got this wonderful news rather late, we will not be able to launch an open call this year.

The structure will be somewhat different this year. We will have two artists in residency in July, August and September. On top of that, we will offer a series of shorter residencies that last for one or two weeks. We will also create a series of events in collaboration with the Linköpings universitet in the region of Östergötland. We will shortly announce this year's residents and the other events. So keep year eyes peeled on this blog and the Norrköping Air blog.

Dépaysement - Vilda Siurblyte at KSM-lab

Dépaysement is a French word for the feeling that comes from not being in one’s home country. It is the unsteady feeling you get when you are away from your home; a sense of disorientation due to experience of unfamiliar surroundings.

Dépaysement is a change of scenery — a person in an unusual setting, an unknown environment or in an unexpected situation. Appropriated from anthropology. Dépaysement is defined as the experience of (re)seeing familiar object in different way.

Vilda Siurblyte has been working on a photographic project for the last six months and Dépaysement is the outcome of this process. She shows less than a dozen photographs from Östergötland where she has used analogue camera, scanned the images and often added text to the black and white imagery.

Marco Pasi and OuUnPo on the end of the World.

After the XIV OuUnPo research session in Stockholm entitled the Fugue, OuUnPo member Marco Pasi sent the following note to the other members of the network:

When I got back home from Stockholm it occurred to me that I still owed something to the group. Since the session was so inspiring to me, I thought the time had come to pay my dues. As you will remember, in December 2012 we celebrated the end of the world, at least as the Maya would have it. The idea was to convince that beautiful wandering asteroid to kiss our planet through a laser ray of poetry. Much catastrophe, very little heritage! I had collected all the poems you had read aloud on that night and which you sent me afterwards. I promised to remix them and I’ve finally done it now. The result is… well, little more than a poetic joke I guess. But it is in the spirit not only of OuUnPo, but also of our ancestor OuLiPo. I took the first verses of the poems you sent me and mixed them all up together. No words were added, no words were taken away. Non-English poems were translated (sort of) literally into Mr. Cameron’s idiom (yeah, right!). I only hesitated between dicks and bees, and went for the latter (sorry Natasha!). Dicks are good of course (although sometimes they can be full of shit), but bees sound more poetic to my old-fashioned ear.

And here is the original call from December 2012:

Artistic Strategy & Workers’ Struggle in london

An exchange between Giovanni Rubino and Aria Spinelli with input from Migrant Workers Education Group and Proyecto Sur.

On 6th March, MayDay Rooms will host a discussion between the Milan-based Italian artist, Giovanni Rubino and independent curator and researcher, Aria Spinelli. This exchange will link a long-term collaborative research project investigating the history of radical art in Milan in the 1970′s with current forms of workers’ struggle in Britain and the role of what might be called ‘artistic strategies’ today. This latter will be addressed by members of the Migrant Workers Education Group and a Chilean representative from Proyecto Sur (tbc).

(Kihlberg)Henry on INFRA

Please take a moment to watch this wonderful video about working together!!!

More about INFRA from Kihlberg and Henry on Vimeo.

Creativity, art and science

 by Gustav Nilsonne, MD, PhD

The 14th session of the OuUnPo art festival on the theme the “fugue" has been concluded. A fugue in psychiatry is a state of dissociation, often with amnesia. A series of performances and events have investigated the fugue from different perspectives. Interaction between art and science has been an important theme. As an observer with a background in science, I have had the opportunity to reflect on the artworks and discussions during the session.

What is it like to have a psychotic episode? One early change, it seems, is that some sensory stimuli begin to take on new meaning. Sounds and smells that are usually quite trivial begin to acquire greater importance. This can be confusing and scary. Elaborate delusions can follow as patients try to make sense of their experience. For instance, in order to explain unusual smells, patients may decide that someone must be pumping gas into their living space.

Fabien Guillermont at KSM Lab in Norrköping

Vision Forum is proud to announce Fabien Guillermont's solo project at KSM Lab in Norrköping.

Private view – 12 /February, 18-20h, exhibition is open until March 12, KSM Lab, Norrköpings Stadsmuseum, Holmbrogränd, Norrköping, Sweden.

Part 4 : The Greeting

"THE NEW IDOL" is a multiple video installation by French artist Fabien Guillermont that is inspired by the structure and style of Nietzsche's "Thus Spoke Zarathustra". The book is built on aphorisms and neither follows the narrative of a novel nor the classical form of philosophical writing. Guillermont has used a similar approach in his film in order get a deeper understanding of how moving images affect us and our values.