The Fugue - OuUnPo Research Session XIV STOCKHOLM | 4-8 FEBRUARY 2015

The European artistic network OuUnPo invites you to the Fugue, a festival in cooperation with Swedish artists, researchers and institutions. The events move across the city of Stockholm and each day a series of actions, talks, screenings, workshops and performances will take place in different venues and locations across the urban area and its surroundings.

The Fugue is the 14th session that the group organizes. It will start a new chapter in OuUnPo’s history marking the return to Europe after ambitious sessions in Beirut (2012), Tokyo (2013) and Sao Paulo (2014). The Stockholm session will be composed as a fugue and will allow art and science to enter into a novel dialogue. The session takes its starting point in the fugue state, which is a rare psychiatric disorder that is characterized by complete but reversible amnesia. The patient will lose all traces of personal memory and identity and can last hours or several days. It is characteristic that people suffering from dissociative fugue to undertake unplanned travel or wandering during which the patient might establishment a temporary new identity.

X-mas comes early this year!

Vision Forum and its partner organisation Curatorial Mutiny are proud to announce new support for ongoing projects. We congratulate Niclas Fasth for getting funding for his publication Sond which is looking at digital games from a both critical and playful perspective. We are also happy that Vision Forum director Per Huttner was awarded a grant from IASPIS to work with Jacopo Miliani for the upcoming OuUnPo session on the Fugue in Stockholm in February 2015. The interdisciplinary group 1 +1=3 and Curatorial Mutiny have been supported by the Swedish Arts Council to work further with music and neuroscience. Vision Forum and Jean-Louis Huhta were also given support retroactively for his participation in We Are What We Lost, the 13th OuUnPo session i Sao Paulo (Don't miss the great article by about the events in Artishock.) We also have new partners for for the upcoming OuUnPo session on the Fugue in Stockholm in February 2015. More about that here soon!

Congratulations everyone - keep up the hard work!!!


Welcome to this year's edition of  Ljus/Mörker an international festival of photography and moving image in Skärblack Sweden. Light/Darkness is a light and arts festival in the darkest December where the audience and artists greet the light for a brighter future for the town Skärblacka and for us as humans. The project is co-organised by Vision Forum member Cecilia Ahlqvist and with contributions by Vision Forum member Fabien Guillermont.
Opening Saturday December 20 at 4pm, Smedbruksvägen 6, Skärblacka, Sweden

Book Release in Stockholm and Gothenburg on November 29

Vision Forum in collaboration with Skogen and Blvvd organises a double release event for the catalogue for the Temporality and the Dislocation of Self project with the intriguing title March 8 - August 30. The book is edited by Anders Paulin and includes contributions by Anders Paulin, Sandrine Nicoletta, Tor Lindstrand, Rita Nettelstad, Johan Forsman, Tova Gerge, Iggy Malmborg and Per Hüttner. The book is an outcome of a series of workshops carried out in private and public spaces in and around Stockholm. Together the authors reflect on theatre, performance, identity, time and much more.

In Stockholm the event will include an installation by Rita Nettelstad, a discussion lead by Iréne Berggren about the book, a performance by Tomas Nordmark and Carima Neusser; a DJ set by Tomas Nordmark and a live performance by Dungeon Acid.

Welcome Saturday, November 29 at 8pm.
Stockholm: Hornhuset, Långholmsgatan 15

In Gothenburg the event will start at 4pm
Skogen, Masthuggsterrassen 3

4pm: Collective reading of Hannah Arendt: The Human Condition

6pm: Soup & Potluck – Join us for dinner

8pm: Forsman & Paulin: Three White Soldiers

PERFORMANCE: Mass Duel (Art of disagreement)
by Denis Romanovski
Mass Duel is a participatory performance where the audience invited to engage each other in a single or several duels of honour. Although there are always serious questions to disagree with each other, yet if absent, a matter of disagreement can be provided by the artist. Satisfactions be resolved through out a full size paper game obliging loosing site to accept opinion of the opponent with honour.

8.30pm: BOOK RELEASE: Temporality and the Dislocation of Self

Rita Nettelstad, film: Att se det osedda.

More and even More.

We Are What We Lost XIII OuUnPo Research Session, São Paulo, November 7-16, 2014

 OuUnPo, Vision Forum and Curatorial Mutiny are proud to announce:

We Are What We Lost

XIII OuUnPo Research Session, São Paulo, November 7-16, 2014
Curated by Sara Giannini.

(Program here.)

We Are What We Lost is a mobile festival organised by the European artistic network OuUnPo | Ouvroir d’Univers Potentiels in cooperation with Brazilian artists, researchers and institutions. Each day a series of actions, talks, screenings, workshops and performances will be enacted in different venues and locations across São Paulo. 

We Are What We Lost is the 13th session that the group arranges and will close the cycle “Catastrophe & Heritage” (2012-14) where OuUnPo has investigated crisis, conflict and how these affect the formation of identities. Previous sessions have been held in Beirut (2012), Tokyo (2013) and Gibellina (2014). In each country the group has explored different forms of collaborative expressions by working with local artists, curators, researchers and institutions.

Over the span of 10 days, We Are What We Lost will become a platform to experiment with disappearance as a metaphor and research question. The session will look at how loss influences our being in the present as well as in what way it affects our dialogue with the past. How do we take in voids and vestiges to generate sense and revisit memory? How do ruptures and new constellations shape our experience and understanding of time and temporality?

A New Vision Forum Node: The Disembodied Voice

Vision Forum is proud to announce the launch of a new node based in London entitled The Disembodied Voice. The node is run by the artist duo Karin Kihlberg and Reuben Henry. They explain that that by working together they will explore many questions and ideas related to their individual practices with starting point in the disembodied voice.

"Working through the groups’ individual disciplines the research will explore expanded ideas and complexities of the disembodied voice to leave room for unexpected discoveries, connections and expansions of the subject. The group will take part in workshops, site visits and activities held by guest speakers from a variety of fields to expand on their practice."

The research process will open up for further input by hosting open public events throughout the project. The group's participants work across different fields from film making, performance, writing, curating and archiving:

Maia Conran

We are excited and inspired to see what they will come up with. Welcome aboard!